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How Targeted Stretching Can Benefit Your Body

Targeted stretching performed by a chiropractor can effectively address many types of physical and mental health issues. This chiropractic treatment in Neptune Beach, FL, can help improve range of motion and flexibility while also reducing pain and discomfort associated with various conditions.

By targeting specific areas in the body that are causing discomfort or limiting mobility, the chiropractor can help relieve these issues without needing medication or surgery. On average, 35 million people use chiropractic treatments in the United States annually.

If you're on the fence about using targeted stretching, consider the benefits this chiropractic treatment in Neptune Beach, FL, can provide.

A Great Way To Correct Poor Posture

Poor posture is a common condition that can lead to several health issues, such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and fatigue. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment in Neptune Beach, FL, can effectively address poor posture.

Chiropractors are trained to use manual techniques to gently guide the spine, joints and muscles back into their correct alignment. Targeted stretching can be used to elongate tight muscles and release tension in overused areas, helping to improve posture.

In addition to manual adjustments, your chiropractor may suggest certain postural exercises or lifestyle changes to help promote better body positioning throughout the day. Regular breaks from computer work and spending time outdoors can also be beneficial to posture health.

Alleviate Neck and Shoulder Tension

Targeted stretching can be a great way to reduce neck and shoulder tension. You can relieve tightness and discomfort by stretching certain specific muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the neck and shoulders. This type of stretching helps improve mobility in the area and promotes circulation for better healing and recovery.

Your chiropractor may guide your neck, shoulders or arms in certain motions to help stretch tight muscles and promote relaxation. Chiropractic professionals can also use manual spine, shoulders and joint adjustments to improve mobility and reduce pain.

Targeted Stretching Can Help Ongoing Headaches

Targeted stretching is an effective treatment option for those who suffer from ongoing headaches. According to research, this chiropractic treatment in Neptune Beach, FL, can help reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches. It works by releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, improving circulation and flexibility, and helping to reduce muscle pain.

By targeting specific muscles in the neck and shoulders, such as the sternocleidomastoid, trapezius and levator scapulae muscles, your chiropractor can help alleviate tension in the area. This can provide relief from muscle spasms which often result in headaches.

Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica pain can also be treated with targeted stretching. It works by stretching tight muscles, tendons and ligaments that may be causing strain on the sciatic nerve. This can help reduce inflammation and improve mobility in the area, resulting in relief from sciatica pain.

Take Advantage of This Chiropractic Treatment in Neptune Beach, FL!

Are you sold on the benefits of targeted stretching? If so, schedule an appointment with us today!

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