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Here’s What They’re Saying

Love, love this place from the front desk to the Doctor! This office is so warm and inviting, very professional definitely means a lot being a business professional myself. Alex who is always so polite to me and my daughter. She remembers us both and she also entertains my daughter while I see Dr. B which I love so much, definitely above and beyond!!! And Dr. B is a very, very good chiropractor. He has helped take away my pain multiple times and he is laid back personality is awesome. I love this about him it makes it easier to talk to him and relate to! I enjoy our conversations at the end of each appointment! I will continue to recommend him to anyone who is in need!!

Christena T. on Facebook

 Dr. Nick is an incredible chiropractor and holistic doctor for the whole family. He has saved me multiple times - both through regular prenatal care and later when I fumbled and tweaked my back schlepping around 2 kids. He truly understand the mechanics of the body and makes smart recommendations for continued exercise, posture and daily care. Also - he has worked on my 3 yo and infant. After one treatment on my toddler he stopped getting ear infections and his legs stopped hurting from growing pains. On my infant - he did a slight adjustment at 6 months that helped her to sleep through the night. All the praises for Dr. Nick!!

Corey L. on Facebook

Most chiropractors try to get you on a 3 day a week plan. (That's been my experience anyways). After physically checking my spine and hips (and whatever else chiropractors assess), he gave me a diagnosis and fixed my severe leg pain as sciatica in only 4 visits. My faith is restored! Couldn't recommend Surfside Chiropractic more!

Ashley S. on Yelp

Dr. Baiata is simply the best. I suffered from chronic, debilitating headaches due to arthritis in my neck. I can't remember the last time I lost a day due to pain. He also helped greatly with back pain resulting from putting off a hip replacement for way too long. Highly recommend.

Gwenn D. on Yelp

My husband, Steve, and I have been going to Dr. Baiata for the last year. We have been going to chiropractors for neck and back issues for many years. Dr. Baiata is the first chiropractor who has been able to resolve my aches and pains. He is very gentle, professional, and has an amazing skill of locating the exact spot that hurts. He's  very thorough and knowledgeable. We highly recommend Dr. Baiata and Surfside Chiropractic.

Steve O. on Google

I’ve been going to Dr Nick since relocating to Jax Beach in 2018. He is an excellent chiropractor.  I’m in my 70’s  and have chronic back problems. He keeps me pain free and upright lol.  I highly recommend him.

Ellyn O. on Google

Dr Baiata makes chiropractic care easy and convenient.  A quick call and he’ll work you in.  I always leave feeling better and with some tips to keep myself moving.

Flamc in Neptune Beach on google

I've never been to a chiropractor before and had an adjustment so this was a new experience. Dr. Nick was lovely, and gave me some very good advice on how to incorporate a new yoga practice into my life with my scoliosis. My friend referred him and I am so glad that she did! I'll be back for sure!

Lacey R. on google

 Awesome doctor who devotes plenty of time with each and every patient. Dr. Baiata has an intuitive knack for not only adjustments but for diagnosing and assessing spinal issues. I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Ann Marie S. on Facebook

 Dr. Baiata is a chiropractor's chiropractor. We trade adjustments as much as necessary so we can care for our patients at the highest level possible. He is congruent with his message of health and healing and definitely "walks the walk"

Dr. Zack S. on Facebook

Dr. Baiata is one of the best chiropractors I've ever been to. He really takes note of the whole person, has a fun family-centered practice and a very well rounded approach. Definitely recommended!

Analisa J. on Facebook

 I am very pleased with my decision to visit Surfside Chiropractic. Dr. Baiata was patient and thorough. He spent a significant amount of time educating me and I left his office feeling informed, empowered and improved. I cannot imagine a better first experience at the chiropractor's office than the one I had. Many thanks, Jack

Jack C. on Facebook

Thanks again for fixing my neck! If you are in pain be sure to see this guy!

Dr. Brian A. on Facebook

 First call they were able to see me within the hour. I went in with intense pain and left nearly pain free! Dr. B and Alexandra (office manager) are both so kind, inviting and professional. The clinic is very comforting and relaxed. I'm so glad I listened to the many recommendations I received to visit this office. I found my new home for chiropractic care. * 5 GOLD STARS *

Kayleen K. on Facebook

Dr. Baiata was amazing in reducing pain and discomfort during pregnancy and post pregnancy, he was honest about what he could accomplish through chiropractic care and what my expectations should be (regarding speeding up my body to go into labor). I felt so at ease in his care. I also appreciated that he didn’t try to sell me on a treatment plan with a hefty price tag. I preferred being able to allow my body to tell me when things didn’t feel right. Highly recommend Dr. B.

Rachel L on Facebook

First chiropractic visit ever yesterday and I was really impressed! Warm, inviting, friendly environment and Dr. Baiata took time to answer q's and go over everything with me. I will definitely be back!

Stephanie G. on Facebook

I feel like a new person... Or better yet, like my old person! I feel so much better after my alignment and you can tell Dr.B really cares about people. The reception is warm and friendly. I felt very comfortable and I can't find words to tell you how much better I felt once I left. Can't wait to go back!

Brittany B. on Facebook

 I’m so glad Dr. Baiata has set up in Atlantic Beach upon his return to Florida. My husband and I found him through a referral from our gym, and we have been regular patients since. My husband had sports hernia surgery after soccer injuries in Dec 2011. It took seven months of rehab for him to get comfortable being athletic again. He continued to experience tightness and soreness in the groin area from workouts, but working with Dr. Baiata has made a huge difference in the way he can move, and his confidence as an athlete.I am nearly full term with my pregnancy and have been totally comfortable being treated by Dr. Baiata since the second trimester. I started with treatment every four weeks and most recently have been back every two weeks, or when I feel soreness return to my mid and lower back. The relief is nearly instant and has made my first pregnancy much easier than I anticipated given my history of back issues. I highly recommend him as a Chiropractor who treats the whole body, not just one ailment.As a side note, the office is warmly decorated with art by his talented wife, Caitlin, and they are big supporters of Atlantic Beach’s monthly artwalks and other community events. The Beaches is lucky to have them!

Lauren T. in Jacksonville, FL on Yelp

 I have been very pleased with Dr. Baiata and the treatment I have received. He is helping me recover from a torn muscle injury and the treatment is working very well. I have since referred my wife and she has been happy also. I would recommend Surfside chiropractic to anyone.

Jason B. in Jacksonville Beach, FL on Google

 Surfside Chiropractic is the miracle we were looking for! My boyfriend and I have always known the benefits of chiropractic medicine. But, when we moved to The Beaches a few years ago from Atlanta, we were hesitant in finding a new doctor. This changed when my boyfriend suffered a traumatic injury to his neck from a surfing accident. He was in constant pain from his neck to his fingertips; experiencing constant numbness and pain, unable to sleep, unable to have any range of motion past a few inches. AFTER SEVERAL TRIPS TO THE MAYO CLINIC THE ONLY THING THAT WAS "ADDRESSED" WAS HIS INSURANCE! He was told his options were "pain medication regime and/or surgery". He chose neither and continued to suffer. I could no longer stand to see such a strong man suffer so I "googled" chiropractors at the beaches and made an appointment with Surfside. AFTER THE 1ST APPOINTMENT HIS PAIN WAS RELIEVED! After 4 appointments his pain was GONE! (The miracle!). He was not told to come back every week (like a lot of chiropractors will do), he was told to come back when he felt he needed an adjustment. Dr. Baiata was not looking for "weekly payments", he proved his concern was his patient! I suffered a very traumatic injury to my back 10 years ago. Chiropractic medicine allowed me to have the option of NOT being constantly medicated for pain or an invasive surgical procedure. But, like my boyfriend, upon moving to the Beaches, I was hesitant in finding a new doctor. I made my appointment with Surfside immediately after my boyfriends first appointment. I was dreading getting out of bed every morning due to the pain. I was coming up with new "ways to roll out" without bringing tears to my eyes. I couldn't sit, walk, run, lift, bend for any amount of time. I walked stooped and with a limp. I couldn't lift my grandson without the fear of "being bedridden for a few days". Life was not fun! Again, I felt immediate relief the first adjustment. I continue to have a standing weekly appointment which allows me to live the active life I choose! I wake up in the morning without a second thought to my back, because the pain is not there to remind me every waking moment! Dr. Baiata was given the Gift of Healing, not just a piece of paper that says "he took the class". His bedside manner is the best. His concern for his patients is genuine! He is our miracle that released us from pain and allows us to live a full, active and healthy lifestyle! Our recommendation? DO YOUR BODY A FAVOR, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT NOW!

JudyP. in Atlantic Beach, FL on google

 Dr Baiata (or Dr. Nick as we call him) is helping my elderly husband and me continue our active life style and keeping our spines healthy. We are so lucky to have found this dedicated talented chiropractor right near us where we can see him regularly and in an emergency.

Darby J. in Atlantic Beach, FL

 While visiting Jacksonville Beach, I had the good fortune to receive an adjustment for lower back stiffness, probably age-related, from Dr. Baiata. He carefully examined my back and explained why my back was not as flexible as it could be and then proceeded to make a series of adjustments over several visits. I wasn't expecting miracles but was just delighted with the results. It has been a long time since my back has felt as flexible and trouble-free. I may not be surfing anytime soon, but I am looking forward to skiing and golf. Thank you Doctor!

Hank F. in Jacksonville Beach, FL on Google

 First let me say, I went here as a last resort to Ortho. I have used a Chiro or two in the past and felt they were just looking to set the next appt. NOT HERE! I went to Dr. Baiata with two major complaints, a shoulder that was popping and causing pain, and a knee issue that was affecting me throughout my military, then my police career. I fly every day now and my knee was excrusciating. After one visit to the doc my shoulder stopped popping, after 2 visits my knee literally feels like new…ortho was talking surgery and not promising anything, this Dr promised nothing and now I dont feel like I will need surgery! I can’t thank him enough. Can’t remember the last time I went to a doctor and thought he actually healed something.

Ivan Atlantic Beach, FL from Yelp

They were able to help my back pain and find issue that my previous chiropractor was not able to.  Dr. Baiata is very nice and easy to talk to. It was a great experience.

Addie M. in Atlantic Beach, FL on Yelp

 I HIGHLY recommend Dr Baiata! What a gifted and compassionate healer. I just know this is going to be a key component of my remedy to migraines and chronic pain from disk bulges. Sincere thanks, Diane

ALL Navy families should come here as part of their proactive health regime (before they feel bad like I do!)

You and your wife are a gift to Jacksonville!

Diane P. in Jacksonville, FL on Yelp

Dr. Baiata is an expert in his profession. He knows how to pinpoint  different areas of the body. Additionally, he has the highest integrity and honesty. I highly recommend him.

Susan P. in Atlantic Beach, FL from Yelp

 Regular visits to Surfside made all the difference in my second pregnancy/delivery. Dr. Baiata was able to minimized pain in my neck and back, especially in the third trimester. Keeping my spine and hips in alignment really helped with sciatica pain and in the mental and physical aspects of labor and delivery. I actually had more confidence going into a water birth feeling everything was aligned and ready for baby’s smooth entry into the world. Labor lasted a fourth of the time of my first! I can’t thank you enough.

C.W. in Atlantic Beach, FL on google

I came to Dr. Baiata barely able to walk I was in so much pain. I have a herniated L4 and L5 from a college athletic injury and have since tweaked my back every now and then causing me stiffness and pain. However, this particular instance, whatever I did left me in agony and unable to go to work, unable to sleep and barely able to put one foot in front of the other. I called Surfside as it was about 5 blocks from my house and knew I would be able to manage the short drive. When I walked in, Dr. Baiata saw the pain I was in and immediately took me back. I was practically in tears and he looked at me with confidence, made me very comfortable and told me he would get me better in no time. I could only go through a couple adjustments at first because the slightest movement caused shooting pains in my back, hips and legs, but even after one session I was given some relief. After a few short visits, it was incredible how much better I was and pain free. I was even able to play in an alumni lacrosse game about a week later. Every time I go in I am greeted by the receptionist (I feel awful I can’t remember her name) who is so sweet and helpful. It is an awesome staff and great atmosphere. I’m so lucky to have found such a great chiropractor that is right down the street from my house. I would give him more stars but Google only allows 5! Thanks for everything Dr. B!!!!

J. H. in Neptune Beach, FL on Google

Dr. Baiata is hands down the best chiropractor I’ve been to. I have recommended countless friends to him and all were happy with his treatment. I sent a pregnant friend to him and he cured her headaches in one visit. I saw him regularly for two years and always found relief for my neck, back and tmj issues. Highly recommend him.

Lisa E. on Yelp

Dr. Nick did magic for my back and knees after they were messed up from the military. Highly recommended.

Christian F. in Atlantic Beach, FL

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