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Putting The Care In Chiropractic

Lots of ink has been spilled writing about chiropractic care and the business model for this type of medical office.

We're not here to rehash all of it, per se, but it's always helpful to talk about the value of chiropractic for holistic wellness.

Today, let's talk about some of the principles of delivering that care in the best way.

No Long-Term Sells

Above all, people want to feel valued and respected; part of that is making their own choices.

So when they walk into a chiropractic office and get a hard sell, it often turns them off. They feel taken advantage of later, especially when they're writing checks.

Part of our business philosophy is not to engage in that kind of chicanery but to be deliberate about offering people what they want and need.

Attentive Care

People also want to be listened to, and in the world of chiro, that's not just window-dressing. It's important because they own that body. The chiropractor is working with their anatomy, and they have to be in the driver's seat.

Yes, a chiropractor has particular training and knowledge. But it's essential to also be humble in a professional context, and that's something that some providers can lose sight of over time.

Explaining Things

It's also vital to explain treatments well.

It's not usually enough to say: "hey, this does this," and 'zap' somebody and have them say, "yes, that feels better!"

People want to know the science behind how they are being cared for and treated, which is a value we support.

At the end of the day, when people come in to be served by chiropractic care, they are suffering. They have pain and symptoms that they need to alleviate. The 'how' and the 'why' are also important. And it's the relationships and connections that are important, too. Someone can have letters after their name, but if they also have integrity, it shines through in their work, and people respect that.

Lifestyle Choices

Nobody wants to be told how to live their life! That means chiropractors should always be reflective about consultation and not "bossy." It's like the photographer who physically grabs people and "handles" them to optimize the shot. That kind of thing can be off-putting. It's better to err on the side of remaining non-judgmental and advocacy-oriented. We know this is a professional firm, and we integrate that into our business.

So in an age where you have abundant choices, choose Surfside Chiropractic for the types of spinal correction and therapy that help you with whatever you're handling in your life. We know it can be difficult – that's why we're here!

Turn to Surfside Chiropractic for help with holistic wellness, and for more information about how chiro and related services work.

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